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Cheeky hand beaded bikini size mediums by creacreations on Etsy

Phone cover with my art on it go check it out on society6

Untitled iPhone & iPod Case by Natasha Crea


#carousel #horse (at Plaza Mexico)


Joel Robison.


An elephant swims in a pool at the Leipzig Zoo in Germany.  Picture: Jens Meyer/AP



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“We developed a total of 5 ad-campaign motives for the autumn advertising campaign of Swiss fashion store Charles Vögele. The motives we created will be used in different formats at the point of sale in over 850 stores. These are located in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Slovenia, Hungary as well as the Czech Republic and Poland.”

Examples in shop windows here.



Now, this piece of art is kind of weird to me. It’s something that I’m strangelyyyyy proud of? Is it okay for me to say I’m proud of it? I’ve never before liked any of the Art I have completed, and I didn’t even like this to start off with, but looking back on it now, I’m weirdly quite pleased. Does that make me, like, a bad person?… I don’t know. But yeah…. 
this is my horse drawing, it’s absolutely MASSIVE, on 3 large sheets of brown packaging paper, and completely done in colouring pencil. I had to sit on the thing to colour most of it in haha! It’s supposed to be all scribbly & colourful btw, and the picture quality’s not too good! 

Jesus Christ, the muscle definition and directions and colours and everything together………This is… Wow. it’s gorgeous.